IJAR DUJS (Dutch Union of Jewish Students)

Your Jewish union in the Netherlands

Photo: Jewalicious 2019

Welcome to IJAR!

We are the Jewish Student Union in the Netherlands. We have existed for a very long time already, and really do have a place for everybody. If you are up to no good and want to party, we have a bunch of those planned for you! If you want to meet new friends and comrades and network, we have monthly drinks you can attend. If you are one of those brainiacs that wants to learn, we have interesting lectures and seminars you can go to. Hell, why think in boxes? You can just come to all of our events!

“Of a sudden he felt that fraternity life was the only way to exist at college. How could he have doubted?”

Ferrol Sams, The Whisper of the River

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.
~ Humphrey Bogart